PANGAIA Innovations

A 100% biocarbon wicking treatment made from microalgae. It keeps you cool and dry by absorbing unwanted moisture and helping it evaporate from the fabric.

Plant-Based Leather Accessories

Made from 100% plant-based and natural ingredients, created with MIRUM®.

PANHemp™ Denim

Most denim is made out of conventional cotton, and we’re committed to working with a more diverse range of materials in the world of denim. 
ntroducing PANHemp™—denim made with rain-fed hemp, organic cotton 
and treated with PPRMINT™.


Did you know that most fleece is made using synthetic materials? At PANGAIA, we aim to use recycled materials where we can instead of new. That’s why our fleece main fabric is developed with 100% biobased content and includes recycled wool.

PANGAIA Lab powered by Colorifix

Did you know that synthetic dyes are often made from polluting petrochemicals 
and toxic chemicals? The future of color is here—and it's made using bacteria. Discover tracksuits colored with lab-grown dyes using DNA codes from organisms like blue from silk cocoons and pink from pigments found around geysers.

PANettle™ Denim

Ready for something wild? Introducing PANGAIA Denim—the first selvedge denim made with naturally regenerative wild Himalayan nettle and organic cotton.

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Recycled Cashmere

Our recycled cashmere is like getting a soft hug. Made from recycled blends sourced from pre and post-consumer materials, it’s helping to repurpose garment waste and give fibers a second life.


We’re leveling up nylon. Our new lightweight tracksuits are made from recycled nylon and nylon with enhanced degradation—it biodegrades in only a few years when disposed of in oxygen-poor environments like landfills.

Loungewear, refreshed

Explore the soft, comfy C-FIBER™ version of the organic cotton loungewear 
you know and love, only with added seaweed, eucalyptus, and PPRMINT™ oil 
for freshness.

Let’s get physical

Our first-ever Activewear is made from castor beans, seaweed and eucalyptus: 
3 plants working together to keep you feeling snatched, without a catch! 
Choose from 6 fresh styles across 6 colors. Ready, sweat, go.


FLWRDWN™ Lite is designed to wear all year round, whenever and wherever. It’s the ultimate lightweight, warm and versatile layer. Made using dried wildflowers and a biopolymer. 10 years of extensive in-lab research and development. Responsibly sourced. Responsibly made.

Ocean Bottle

Thirsty for products that look good and do good? Each Ocean Bottle sold funds plastic collectors in coastal communities to collect, sort and recycle the equivalent of 1,000 plastic bottles—keeping them out of the ocean.

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