PPRMNT™ Oil Treatment

PPRMNT™ is a durable odor control finish and broad-spectrum antimicrobial treatment that enables our products to stay fresher for longer.

The Problem

The average household uses over 100,000 gallons of water per year, and one of the main reasons for this is washing our clothes.

There is a common misconception that all clothes need to be washed after every wear; this has led to a culture of over-washing, which has a negative impact on fabrics and the environment.

Laundry is water and energy-intensive, and releases chemicals into waterways, both from the treated garment and the washing detergents.

Our Solution

Treating our products with natural, plant-based peppermint oil neutralizes and prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Due to its antibacterial properties, you can wear clothing treated with PPRMNT™ many times before they need washing.

We use the Mentha piperita plant for this; it’s grown worldwide, with the leading peppermint cultivation found in America’s Pacific Northwest. The peppermint essential oil is extracted by steaming and without the need for any solvents or other chemicals.

Many clothing companies use harmful treatments involving silver and other metals to control odor trapped in clothing. While these treatments may reduce the need for excessive washing, they leach the metals and other chemicals used our waterways that can be toxic for wildlife, humans and the planet. Research* has shown that antibacterial treatments using silver pose a threat to our seas and lakes.

The antibacterial effect of PPRMNT™lasts as many as 50 washes, without impacting the material’s texture, color or other physical properties. This saves you water, energy and time while protecting the planet in the process.

We have been piloting this treatment on a few styles, starting with our T-shirts (as T-shirts are the most “high wash” pieces in our offering). Our plan for 2021 is to gradually add this treatment to the rest of our range.

*A research report by The Swedish Water & Wastewater Association claims that antibacterial treatments using silver pose a threat to our seas and lakes.