NATIVA™ Merino wool

Made with 100% traceable NATIVA™ wool from farm to garment.

The problem

Wool is a renewable, durable and breathable fabric—and as such is a highly consumed material by consumers. But wool items can have a negative impact on the environment, due to CO2 emissions caused by sheep grazing (as they digest their food, gasses build up inside their intestines and then release methane gas into the atmosphere).

Plus, a lack of sustainable sourcing standards means it is possible for sheep to experience poor welfare conditions.

The solution

We’ve partnered with NATIVA™, the first to guarantee certification of the entire wool production process, to source the finest Merino wool from NATIVA™ certified farms. These farms are committed to respecting animal welfare, the environment they inhabit and the people working alongside the sheep.

From breeding to finished garment, the supply chain is transparent—thanks to a blockchain-based real-time traceability system.

The sheep are raised ethically in harmony with nature–they graze on native plants and have space to roam. Each farmer has a management plan that assesses feeding, breeding, behavior and health to ensure animal welfare standards are met. This includes stress free shearing and the prohibition of mulesing.

Plus, NATIVA™’s Regenerative Agriculture program aims to improve the quality of the soil by ensuring nutrients are kept within the soil matter, as well as work to capture CO2 emissions caused by sheep grazing.

Our farms around the world

Our merino wool comes from three farms located in Tasmania, Australia. Lovely Banks is a family run property, owned by Gerard and Elizabeth McShane. Their sons, Tim and Andre, are the fifth generation to manage the Lovely Banks property.


Apsley is a farming district on the banks of the Jordan River near the city of Melton Mowbray. Managers of the farm–Sarah Ackland and Steve Barrington—are part of the population of around 35. 

Glenelg Estate is located in the Upper Derwent Valley. Charles and Sally Downie currently own and oversee farm operations with parents Andrew and Christine. Steeped in tradition, six generations of the Downie family have taken their hand to tend the fleece at Glenelg Estate.