FLWRDWN™ - A down-fill made using a combination of wildflowers, a biopolymer and aerogel. This warm, breathable and animal-friendly innovation is the first of its kind, used in our outerwear jackets and gilets.

FLWRFILL™ - A material made using a combination of wildflowers, lyocell and a biopolymer developed in collaboration with Imbotex. Part of the FLWRDWN™ technology family, FLWRFILL™ offers a bio-based alternative to synthetic, fossil fuel-derived wadding—resulting in a warm and lightweight outerwear staple.

The problem.

PANGAIA’s ongoing mission is to find solutions to problems posed by the fashion industry and to make them available to everyone.  Believing there is a way create a positive impact by taking less and giving more, PANGAIA saw the challenge with conventional down used within outwear. The traditional choices of thermal-insulating outerwear are either synthetic fill, namely polyester, which relies on finite fossil fuel resources or animal feathers - an outdated process, causing needless suffering to animals. Working with our technology partners, we believed there was a bio-based solution that could minimize impact on the environment and would allow us to maintain balance with the world around us by harnessing the power and potential of nature’s solutions.

The solution.

FLWRDWN™ and FLWRFILL™ are made with wildflowers to offer exceptional versatility, warmth and comfort. The FLWRDWN™ technology family of products answers the need for functional, warm garments by delivering stylish, adaptable, cruelty-free outerwear solutions.

The wildflowers.

Wildflowers have a down-like microstructure perfectly suited to high-performing personal insulation. The wildflowers used in FLWRDWN™ and FLWRFILL™ are grown without pesticides or artificial irrigation —preventing pollution and saving water. We use wildflowers that directly support habitat conservation and are managed by a non-governmental organization (NGO).  The wild flowers are hand-picked to ensure the highest quality. 

Within FLWRDWN™, the wildflowers are combined with a biopolymer and an aerogel, while within FLWRFILL™, the wildflowers are combined with a biopolymer, an aerogel andlyocell.

Our biopolymer.

Our biopolymer is made from maize (corn) or sugar cane. The wildflowers have a down-like microstructure so that when we combine them with our biopolymer, the thermal-warming properties are brought out.

Our patented Aerogel. 

The first of its kind, our patented cellulosic aerogel took scientists over 10 years to develop and increases the thermal performance of products containing FLWRDWN™ and FLWRFILL™.


FLWRDWN™ as a material has 600 fill power and FLWRFILL™ is highly thermally efficient. It has a CLO between 3-4 per 260 gr/sqm.FLWRFILL™  as a material has a CLO of 2 for 150 gr/sqm. CLO is the degree of  insulation required to keep a resting man thermally comfortable at room temperature. When applied to a finished garment, a CLO value of 3 refers to light polar equipment.For FLWRDWN™ and FLWRFILL™, the ratings above are applicable to the material only (not individual products).