It’s official—we’ve hit our milestone of planting, protecting and restoring 1 million trees through our Tomorrow Tree Fund, powered by Milkywire.

This is about so much more than just sowing seeds. By working with 11 tree planting and protecting grassroots NGOs from all over the globe, we’ve been able to support local communities, train restoration leaders and create job opportunities.

Read on to discover why we set out on this mission, the organizations we worked with to make it happen and how this connects to our goal of an Earth-positive future.

The root of the cause

Forests are complex ecosystems with multiple benefits for climate, biodiversity and society. They mitigate climate change, contribute to the balance of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and humidity in the air, and provide habitats for a variety of species and livelihoods for more than 1.6 billion forest-dependent people.*

At the end of 2020, we launched the Tomorrow Tree Fund (powered by Milkywire) to expand our tree planting efforts and support reforestation initiatives and the conservation of forests all over the world.

By focusing on initiatives where the local communities are involved in the development and implementation of the project, we’re ensuring that long-term effects are more secure and rights are being met. Indigenous people represent under 5% of the global population, and yet they’re managing over 25% of the world’s land surface and supporting about 80% of global biodiversity.**

The helping hands that made it happen

To hit the 1 million milestone, we partnered with 11 grassroots NGOs across 15 countries. From protecting and restoring mangrove forests in the Philippines, Fiji and Mexico, to helping with the donation of tools to indigenous communities in Peru and Brazil—we’ve worked hand-in-hand with organizations to create tangible change and inspire the next generation of leaders. Find out more about each of our NGO partners in the PANGAIA Impact Report, here.

Designing an Earth-positive future

We know that biodiversity loss and climate change is inextricably linked—that’s why philanthropic efforts have been front and center at PANGAIA from day one. By championing conservation efforts led by biodiversity experts and scientists and NGOs, we can create measurable and long-term impact.

We’re on an ongoing journey of reflection, discovery and action, and we’re dedicated to our goal of becoming an Earth-positive business.