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Love linen and looking to reduce your impact on the planet? Discover our lightweight, comfortable, breathable linen clothing in a range of popular styles, including the popular Harrington jackets, linen summer co-ords and our unique Aloe Linen trousers. Shop your new linen look today.

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The Cotton Harrington Jacket

Discover a lighter, crisper take on our iconic harrington. Perfect for layering—a chest pocket and utilitarian design details come together to create your go-to summer uniform.

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The Aloe Linen Collection

Linen is a natural plant fiber that comes from the inner bark of flax stems, called the bast.

Our latest linen drop is made from 100% linen and an aloe vera oil treatment that accentuates the linen's cool, comfortable feel and makes the material hypoallergenic and much more soft.

It's the perfect breathable material to wear in warmer temperatures.