Headspace and PANGAIA are partnering to encourage people to make conscious choices and feel gratitude for the world around them. Since 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) has reported a global rise in anxiety and depression by 25%, largely driven by the changes brought about by the pandemic. Life doesn’t look the same as it did.

As the world around us continues to speed up, we arguably now live at work—with a shift to hybrid working prompting an always-on mentality to the job. We remain connected 24-7 to our digital selves (on average, we spend almost 7 hours per day on screen—which rises to 9 hours for Gen Z); our lives are a succession of scheduled events with little time for spontaneity or decompression. A house of cards, built on stress. And stress is more than just a feeling – it affects all systems of the body, including the musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems. The need to relax, to be present, to engage with yourself in finding downtime and authentic calm is not a luxury–it’s a necessity.


We’re teaming up with Headspace, to encourage you to pause and reflect, and inspire you to connect mindfulness, self-care and intentional living. It’s about making yourself and your mental health a priority—even for a moment—and to allow our brains and our bodies the opportunity for healthy introspection and relief. The Headspace app provides expert-led mindfulness tools for everyday life, including meditations, sleepcasts, mindful movement and focus exercises to be your lifelong guide to better mental health.

There’s plenty of research that shows increasing our connection to nature directly benefits our mental health, fostering emotions such as calmness, joy and creativity. Nature is, once again, our salvation. We believe that, no matter how busy or stressful our lives may be or where we find ourselves, moments of reflection can be carved from the calendar to find a mindful moment in nature providing solace, tranquility and peace. It’s an opportunity to return to yourself refreshed and renewed.


The PANGAIA x Headspace capsule is designed to support moments of mindfulness, with a reversed text block of affirmations printed on a range of PANGAIA’s signature hoodies, tees and track pants. The text, easily read when viewed in a mirror, is a gentle reminder to pause and reflect. Additionally, with every purchase from the PANGAIA x Headspace capsule, customers will receive a link to a free digital Headspace meditation  and a code for 1 free month of Headspace.