Dropel. The non-toxic shield against spills.

Introducing Dropel—a non-toxic clothing finish that helps to protect against everyday water-based stains, like coffee, wine and tea.

The Problem.

Stain-repellency can be a dirty business. Most treatments on the market contain PFCs—perfluorochemicals— which are commonly used to repel water and dirt across a range of everyday products, from rain jackets to frying pans. PFCs can be extremely harmful, leaching into our waterways and building up in our environments, and can cause severe, life-altering side effects to our communities and wildlife.

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The Solution.

Dropel is a finish that’s coated onto the fibers of our organic cotton Hoodie to protect it from water-based stains, which will bead on the surface of the material and can be brushed off, reducing the need to wash it so often*. It’s non-toxic, PFC-free and formaldehyde-free.

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