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We don’t believe that activewear should be actively harming our planet—so we’ve developed an alternative.

The problem.

Most activewear on the market is made with plastic or fossil fuel-based materials that are cost-efficient, widely accessible and easy to manufacture—but that comes with a cost. These materials are made with high amounts, if not entirely, of petrochemicals which are linked to water poisoning, air and land pollution and global warming.

The solution.

Our Motion activewear range is the next step in our journey to creating stretchy, comfortable clothing that contributes to our mission of an Earth-positive future. This range contains plant-based nylon derived from castor beans—which we’ve used since our first generation of activewear—and a first-to-market, part plant-based Creora® elastane. Motion keeps the same comfort and stretch from our previous styles, but with a better material output. Creora® is the only elastane in the world to not be 100% fully fossil-fuel based. As it stands, Creora®  is made with 30% biobased matter—and we’re working on significantly raising that percentage.

Our Activewear story so far.

  • Activewear 1.0

    July 2021

    Our first ever Activewear range was developed with a blend of biobased nylon, derived from castor beans, C-Fiber™(a soft, silky material containing seaweed powder from SeaCell™ and eucalyptus), and an enhanced-degradation ROICA™ elastane for stretchability. This elastane is formulated to degrade faster when disposed of through the correct composting environment. It was also treated with miDori® bioWick, a moisture-wicking treatment made from microalgae. 

  • Motion X

    January 2022

    Previously named 2.0, for our follow-up activewear range we opted for an updated, more streamlined composition, removing the inclusion of C-Fiber™  for higher performance power. The biobased nylon remained at a higher percentage (between 90-95%), with 5-10% enhanced-degradation ROICA™ elastane, as before.

  • Motion

    November 2022

    Our Motion range (previously named 3.0) is a huge step forward for us. The inclusion of Creora®’s groundbreaking part plant-based elastane—the first of its kind—proves that performance-focused, stretchy materials can be rooted in nature, not petrochemicals. Our latest tops, shorts and leggings styles, and new menswear styles, are made with 92-97% plant-based nylon, made from castor beans, and 3-8% Creora® elastane, significantly raising our plant-based material output for our activewear. As it stands, Creora® is made with 30% biobased matter to 70% traditional (sourced from finite resources)—and we’re working on significantly raising that percentage.

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From our supportive sports bras and long sleeved tops to our form-fitting shorts and leggings; each of our activewear styles has a seamless construction for added comfort, and is treated with our patented PPRMNT™ oil treatment that neutralizes and prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria. 

Watch this space as we continue to develop world-leading activewear, designed to move you—and the entire activewear industry—forward.