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From Rose Petal Silk And Soy Cashmere To Human Sweat Crystals – Vogue’s Take On The Future Of Fabric

Rose petals, algae, and even human sweat — these are just some of the natural materials being used to create more eco-friendly materials in fashion right now, thanks to a wealth of young designers and fabric makers who are looking to reduce the industry’s climate impact head-on.

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“Materials matter — they account for highly significant impacts across the supply chain,” explains Amanda Johnston, curator and consultant for The Sustainable Angle Future Fabrics Expo, pointing to the use of non-organic cotton and petroleum-based nylons as an example. “As we move into this new decade, it’s imperative we look [for material alternatives],” adds Nina Marenzi, the founder and director of The Sustainable Angle.

New biodegradable textiles created using natural byproducts are being developed, too, in response to fashion’s waste problem, which sees millions of garments ending up in landfill every year. Meanwhile, the rise of veganism across the globe has also led to a number of cruelty-free, plant-based fibres being produced.

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Words by Grace Cook