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Digital Storytelling Evolves: Eco-Innovators Pangaia Push The Envelope For Online Immersion

The era of online immersion is almost upon us.

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Primed for a 2021 in which the acceleration of digital commerce will subject weak e-experiences to scrutiny unlike ever before (fashion e-tail alone may increase to a whopping 35-55% of total sales in key sectors by next year) and gaming worlds will become a social media norm, today sees the unveiling of a new collaboration uniting a trio of forces: London College of Fashion’s future-gazing Fashion Innovation Agency (FIA); virtual immersive e-commerce specialists, AnamXR (an XR-focused company at the intersection of gaming, architecture and cinematic quality visual design); and Pangaia – a pioneering collective of sustainable materials innovators working under the alluring umbrella ethos of “high-tech naturalism”.

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Words by Katie Baron

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