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The feel-good documentaries to add to your holiday watch list

This holiday season we can’t wait to snuggle up in our pajamas in front of an award-winning documentary or wintery movie. From our favorite hard-working bees and David Attenborough to penguins looking for love, here’s what we’ll be watching.

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The Pollinators (2019) and WaterBear

Described as the ‘Netflix for nature’, WaterBear is the video-streaming platform for all your nature needs this holiday. Supported by more than 80 global NGOs including Greenpeace, WWF and Lonely Whale, it has a load of original content and award-winning documentaries focused on biodiversity, climate change, circularity and community. We recommend starting with The Pollinators, which examines the plight of bees, a concern close to our hearts.

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Attenborough’s Life in Colour (2021)

Like us, Sir David Attenborough has long been fascinated by nature’s use of colour. He first conceived the idea of a documentary exploring the idea in the 1950s. However, as most screens were black and white then, the idea didn’t progress. Worth the wait, the 2021 BBC nature mini-series Life in Colour answers classic questions such as “why are tigers orange, zebras stripey and flamingos pink?”.

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March of the Penguins (2005)

How far would you go to find love? This 2005 French feature-length nature documentary directed and co-written by Luc Jacquet, and co-produced by Bonne Pioche and the National Geographic Society, follows the gruelling annual trek by emperor penguins amid subfreezing temperatures and snowstorms in the Antarctic to find a mate.

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Some more festive considerations:

Frozen Planet (2011) nature documentary
My Octopus Teacher (2020) nature documentary
One Strange Rock (2018) nature documentary
Frozen (2013) animated adventure
It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) fantasy drama
The Holiday (2006) romantic comedy
Love Actually (2003) romantic comedy
Home Alone (1990) family comedy

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