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Leo Holldack

Leo Holldack


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Leo Holldack

Leo is a musician and activist who has taken his talents to the streets. Through his music he aims to inspire people to help save the planet from climate injustice. Leo is an active part of the climate change movement, working with global figures like Greta Thunberg. He regularly performs at Fridays for Future rallies across Europe, most recently in Hamburg to over 60K people.

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We asked Leo a few questions about his life and his passion, to see how he has made change in small-big ways.

Initially, what prompted you to drive change?

For me, I just feel really uncomfortable when I witness injustice. My motivation to drive change originates from a combination of fear and anger around our uncertain future.

What has been the most rewarding moment of your journey so far?

In Germany, the Hambacher forest was undergoing severe deforestation at the hands of a fossil fuel company. In protest, climate activists built treehouses to occupy the forest. In 2018, almost all of these treehouses (around 100) were destroyed, along with the trees. When I saw this news, I realised I had to do something.

I travelled for over half a day by train to join a group of people in protest. It was very quickly shut down by police and we had to return home. Two weeks later, over 50K people, including myself, travelled to this forest to protest again. This time, our voices were heard and ever since, the Hambacher forest became officially protected! This moment was incredibly rewarding and I will always carry it in my heart.

What change-maker/s do you look up to and why?

I definitely look up to Greta Thunberg as she managed to start a global climate movement! But I seriously look up to every young person protesting against the climate crisis. Many of them are quite young and understand, at a much younger age than I, values that are important in life. For that, I have big respect!

If you could save one species at the click of your fingers, what would it be?

Every species has its own unique importance in the cycle of life, so I think all.

Why is it important for brands/companies to become more responsible?

Brands need to be more responsible because we don’t have a second planet.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what is one thing you would want to have with you?

Some drinkable water would be good!

What are some small changes people can make in their everyday lives to help save (specifically, in your field)?

I think the best change a person can make is to inform themselves, educate and understand more about what is happening in the world.