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Char San Pedro


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#PANGAIAChangemakers is a global platform for everyone, everywhere to shine a light on the positive impact individuals can have on the communities that they’re a part of. We invite people to engage with us, tell us their stories, and share their voices.

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About Char

Char San Pedro is a feminist, friend, humanitarian, social entrepreneur, intersectional gender equality advocate, community-builder, orator and writer. She is the founder of Good To Be Good Foundation–a grassroots, non-profit community-based aid organization serving diverse vulnerable women and communities, while actively advocating for gender equality, social justice and total equity. Some of their initiatives include raising funds for black, BIPOC, visible minority womxn and their families, organising donation drives, and educating their community on gender equality.

A voracious entrepreneur with a background in modeling and a self-avowed polymath, Char is also the creative producer of 920 Films and a music manager at independent label VMP Music Group. Always a writer at heart, she often pens think-pieces on subjects of feminism, ecological sustainability, human rights, interconnectedness and spiritual and social welfare on her website and online channels. With a colourful background that spans fashion, philanthropy, music, film, and wellness Char’s inspirations are wide-ranging, but all driven by the same ethos–to radically include others, to be of service, to be rooted in love and humanity.

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Why is this work so important?

At Good To Be Good, we approach every initiative, every campaign, every fiber of our mission with an intersectional and compassionate lens that takes into account all the complexities and different ways someone can experience socio-economic disparities, oppression and violence. Our primary focus will always address women and girls and their basic human rights first. So however we can, we provide practical and empowering support that’s hands-on for those in our communities that need it the most. 

Initially, what prompted you to drive change?

I’ve always kept my eyes wide open to what was going on in the world and in my corner of it. I believe in the inherent equality of all human beings. That is why I’m not okay with the inequality that does exist and continues to exist, which propels me to want to do something. So a lot of my personal experiences, what I continue to learn about others along the way and how our destinies are very much intertwined have only fortified my political beliefs and my desire to bring more goodness into the world. 

What has been the most rewarding moment of your journey so far?

In all of life’s affirming and transformative moments, whether they were subtle or overt, I always found great comfort in knowing that I could be a part of building a kinder and just world. Because I mattered. Because others mattered as well. It’s enough to make change. I think if you have a place here on earth, sometimes you can’t help but feel a deep kinship to it, for want to participate in its evolution. 

What changemakers do you look up to and why?

I am so indebted to all the women who came before me, whose shoulders I stand on today, and indebted to the women who I’ve met that are doing wonderful things and who are simply just kind, powerful, badass, inclusive human beings.

Women like Silvia Samsa, who is an executive director at a local women’s shelter in Toronto, she is both fierce and funny at the same time. My grandma, who always finds a way to practice mercy, with others and herself. My aunt Mary-Ann who performs these quiet acts of grace without second-guessing herself. I reflect on the women who have in their own phenomenal way, women who have not settled for anything less than true justice and love. I think all women have an innate worth that should be appreciated and respected beyond what they can do, produce or give. 

Why is it important for brands/companies to become more responsible?

To tackle this ecological global challenge, we must also take into account the human challenge implicit in that. Maybe we can’t reimagine change in the world without reimagining ourselves and how we’ve been living. Perhaps the biggest challenge isn’t how busy or productive our lives have become, but our challenge in working together, in unity, to reflect this long term vision for our human family that we’re all a part of so that we’re able to increase a healthier, happier and prosperous future we all long to see. 

We are facing one of the greatest issues of our time. And as a result, we’re witnessing a shift in awareness and attention, that’s giving rise to new ways of thinking and living. It’s been wonderful to be around the efforts made by so many with the vision of creating a better, kinder world together. Knowing that our actions have weight makes prioritizing responsibility so much easier and helps us value this big picture kind of journey. And with that perspective, I feel it helps anchor us to what is truly important and that is this beautiful, generative generous earth that holds and sustains everything and everyone we love.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what is one thing you would want to have with you?

I think one thing I would want to have with me is a book – I mean, if I’m gonna enjoy my life on that island I better be reading or doing something I love, right? 

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