Super Bar FAQs

Super Bar FAQs

Super Bar FAQs

Does the Super Super Bar include any common food allergens?

Yes, they contain Nuts. Please reference each individual product ingredient for exact nut type. Super Bars are manufactured in a facility that processes milk, soya, peanuts and tree nuts.

How should I store my Super Bars and what is their shelf life?

All Pangaia Super Bars are recommended to be stored in a cool, dry place. The shelf life of Super Bars is 6-12 months.

Are the Super Bars gluten free, vegan, plant-based and free from artificial ingredients?

All Super Bars are gluten free, vegan, plant-based and 100% free from all artificial ingredients or colorings.

Is the Super Bar packaging compostable?

Super Bars are packaged in a home compostable package which is certified to decompose under home and/or industrial compost conditions. Do not recycle or litter in natural environment.

When will Super Bars be available to ship to other parts of the world?

We are currently working diligently to make Super Bars availalbe outside the US, for us the main priority is ensuring we can do this sustainably and in the most effective way. We currently offer shipping for the Super Bars to the USA only. We are working towards offering this to further countries in the future!

To keep updated make sure your signed up for PANGAI emails and follow us closely on social media channels!

Can I return an order?

We are unable to accept returns due to the nature of the product.

If you have issues with your order please contact us by clicking 'Contact Us' below or by using the 'Chat' button on our website. If one of our agents is online, you will find this in the bottom left-hand corner in a blue 'Chat' button.

Are the Super Super Bars healthy?

Superbars are plant-based, gluten-free, high in fiber, a good source of protein and do not contain any artificial colors or preservatives.Also a source of a range of vitamins and minerals.

Are the Super Bars energy bars?

Our Super Bars are functional nutrition bars. Yes, some of the ingredients in the bars can provide energy, however our main purpose of these bars is to be a vehicle for providing high nutrition through vitamin & nutrient dense ingredients combined into each tasty Super Bar.

What procedures do you have in place in regards to food safety?

We are highly dedicated to food safety and quality culture - this is defined as “shared values, beliefs and norms that affect mindset and behavior towards Food Safety in, across and throughout our business".

The key-manufacturing objectives are the achievement of consistent quality, safety and legality of wholesome food. The policy endorses the use of a formal Quality & Food Safety Management System, which is based on quality assurance and the principles of HACCP. It is the company's policy to consistently meet specifications and thereby achieve, maintain and improve the quality standard and service expectation demanded by us, expected by our customers and third party standards including BRCGS and the Gluten Free certification program within BRCGS.

What is Incredo® sugar?

Incredo® sugar is a first-of-its-kind, sugar-based sugar reduction solution that has no compromise to taste, texture or nutrition. Highly innovative technology enables us to use with up to 50% less sugar, and allows more room for nutritional ingredients such as fibers and proteins, resulting in a more holistic wellness solution.

Do you add artifical flavors or artificial colors in your super bars?

No artifical flavors or colors are ever added to our products.

Are all your farms certified organic?

No, currently all our farms are not all certified organic. We always look to source the best possible ingredients and at times this is with farms that are not certified organic.

Are all your farms/partners Fair Trade?

We don't have any ingredients certified as fair-trade at this point.

Is the Super Bar packaging recyclable?

Our Super Bar wrappers are home compostable, a type of organic recycling that you can do in your backyard or community compost. Multilayer films like bar wrappers are not commonly recycled, even by take-back programs, and the wrapper does not belong in conventional recycling.

How do I 'home compost' or dispose of my Super Bar packaging?

The Super Bar package is home compostable, when you are done with your bar, place the package in your home compost with other organic waste. Check your local waste treatment laws to find out if your package can be thrown in with other organic waste for pickup. If your package is industrially compostable, check local waste treatment facilities to find an industrial composter near you. Compostable packaging is absolutely not recyclable and will contaminate recycling streams. Never leave any packaging in natural environments.

Does the Super Bar packaging contain BPA plastic?

No, it does not.

Are your Super Bars 'carbon neutral'?

Yes, they are!

Can I buy your Super Bar products in a physical store?

We currently are only available on our website and select PANGAIA pop-up stores.

Can I purchase just 1 Bar online vs. a full 7-bar pack?

At this time we only sell our bars in a case format of 7-bars per case.

Do you have a subscription program?

We are working on a subscription program and aim to be rolling it out soon, stay posted!

What are the environmental practices of Pangaia's food suppliers?

We aim to source ingredeints that are sustainailby harvested, use recyled water or have a lower water footprint (e.g., chlorella and prickly pear ingredients).Moreover we working with Planet FWD to create a carbon reduction plan for our whole food supply chain.

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