Main: Eco-Composite 72%, Water-PU 28%
Backing: 100% Organic Cotton

- Plant-based Grape Leather
- Part recycled rubber sole
- Water based glue
- Organic cotton laces with 100% recycled plastic tips
- Made in Portugal

Care instructions

1. Please avoid using water to clean your Grape Leather shoes. Water causes leather to shrink and it may dry the Grape Leather out over time, which can make your shoes stiff and wrinkly.
2. To remove dirt or debris from your shoes, please use a soft-bristled brush.
3. Remove the shoelaces before you clean your shoes to protect them from dirt. (If your laces are dirty, please clean them using a washing machine or warm soapy water.)
4. To remove stubborn scuffs and marks, please use a leather cleaner and soft brush. Put a small amount of leather cleaner on a soft-bristled brush (please check your chosen leather cleaner instructions first) and gently wipe the surface of the Grape Leather with the bristles. Work the cleaner into the Grape Leather by moving the brush back and forth, as if you’re dusting your shoes. Continue brushing until the Grape Leather is restored to its former glory!

Please contact for any other questions