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Women everywhere, we celebrate you.

Introducing our ‘More than just...’ campaign created to celebrate inspirational women in the fields of science and the environment not just today, but 365 days a year. To kick it off, we’re bringing you an upcycled collection of t-shirts with artwork created by Amber Vittoria.

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‘More Than Just...’ Campaign

This campaign highlights the multifaceted nature of being a woman, underlining that modern women can be so much more than just one role. From being ‘more than just a scientist’ to ‘more than just a teacher’ and more—this campaign will be ongoing, as we’re committed to celebrating women not just on March 8th, but all year round.

Did you know? 76% of our team are women. We asked a few of them 'what does being a woman working in materials science mean to you?' Here’s what they said… 

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From top to bottom: Jesse & June


Jesse, Materials & Scientific Researcher
“Materials are the fabric of our lives, often so seamlessly incorporated into our world that we barely notice their existence. Working in this field [...] is not only challenging, fascinating, and exciting, but also a powerful opportunity to make a positive impact on our world.

June, Garment Technologist
“It’s a beautiful mixture of entrepreneurship, creativity and artistry woven together to create solutions to solve social and environmental issues.

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From top to bottom: Seda, Elly & Lori


Seda, Senior Project Manager—Product Development & Production
“It’s knowing that you are making a difference. It’s a great satisfaction to contribute positive change globally and for the future just by doing your job daily along with many other superwomen.”

Elly, Junior Materials Developer
“It’s about fusing disciplines to create a better future. My role in research and development allows me to see exciting new innovations and ideas come to fruition. Being part of the R&D team [also] means undertaking daily challenges to realize imaginative solutions.

Lori, Senior Science Officer
“It means understanding and respecting our planet’s resources better. [...] It’s an exciting time to be working in this field, as there’s a growing demand for innovative and responsibly sourced materials derived from, or inspired by, nature.

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Get to Know the Artist—Amber Vittoria

We’ve partnered with female artist Amber Vittoria on an upcycled capsule collection. The capsule features three bespoke artworks (Not Only March, The Pattern Of Growth and The Journey Forwards) created in honor of International Women's Day and printed on t-shirts from previous collections. These designs were created to celebrate women far beyond Women’s History Month, while 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Choose Love, an organization supporting refugees and displaced people.

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50% to Choose Love

Of the 70.8 million people who have been forced into displacement, about half are women and girls. The funds from this collection will be directed towards women’s centres offering everything from language lessons and vocational training, to healthcare and legal support. After experiencing unimaginable situations, these safe spaces and support services offered by Choose Love truly help women turn adversity into hope.