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We're reducing our carbon footprint, one email at a time.

Here’s why...

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Every email you send leaves a carbon footprint.

The average person sends and receives around 140 emails a day. Emails use electricity, electricity runs off of fossil fuels, and fossil fuels produce carbon dioxide that harms our planet. Over a year, this creates as much CO2 as flying from London to Bruges or watching 955 movies.*

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We knew we needed to make a change.

Starting now, we’re going to be more intentional with the amount of marketing emails we send to you by cutting the number in half. And we encourage you to do the same.

Together let’s be a part of the solution, one click at a time.

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A few tips to lower your email carbon footprint*:

• Send your emails with intention
• Rather than sending an attachment, try using a hyperlink to an online space
• CC and BCC function are your friends. Add all the relevant people to one email, rather than sending several individual emails
• Turn off your tech when you’re done using it

*Source: CW Jobs, 'The hidden cost of your emails on the planet’