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PANGAIA x COSTA BRAZIL— Get to know the founder, Francisco Costa

We’ve teamed up with eco-beneficial, rainforest-sourced beauty line Costa Brazil, founded by Francisco Costa, to create a capsule collection in support of the Amazon Rainforest and its Indigenous communities.

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While climate change and human activity threaten the Amazon Rainforest, Covid-19 threatens the vulnerable indigenous communities that live in it and the Amazon fears the loss of its guardians and gatekeepers too. That’s why PANGAIA x Costa Brazil are joining forces to donate ​100%​ of collected proceeds to Amazon Forever, a campaign spearheaded by Conservation International and BrazilFoundation to bring vital aid to rural areas of the Amazon. Because ​protecting mother nature means protecting those who put mother nature first.

“The Yawanawas are among hundreds of communities in the rural Amazon with no outside [Covid-19] support or supplies. In order to get the aid to these rural areas of the Amazon, we needed to connect both organizations to get the aid to these communities efficiently.” - Francisco Costa 

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Why did we choose to collaborate?

PANGAIA and Costa Brazil have joined forces to highlight the importance of the world's most rich and biologically diverse ecosystem, the Amazon Rainforest. Our mutual philosophy revolves around the need to protect nature and the people who put mother nature first.

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Francisco Costa

Costa Brazil is a sustainable beauty line created by Francisco Costa built on the belief that beauty is inseparable from the health of the earth. The importance of protecting the environment is deeply ingrained in Costa, who was born and raised in Brazil. Throughout his expansive career in fashion, he continually proved that beautiful design can be created in a smart, sustainable way.

In 2016, he returned to his homeland to explore the natural wonders of the Amazon rainforest. There, he discovered local healing rituals and the untapped wealth of curative native ingredients, and saw first-hand the urgent need for conservation. The result is Costa Brazil, which combines the raw power of the natural world with Costa’s unparalleled eye for beauty in a concerted effort to nourish the body, as well as the earth.

We asked Francisco Costa a few questions to find out a bit more about his inspiration, passion for positive change and the collaboration.