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PANGAIA x Es Devlin

Es Devlin is recognized internationally for creating large-scale art installations and perspective-shifting performances. Her recent series of temporary forests draws on the Shakespearean tradition of the forest as a place of transformation in which characters enter in one state of mind and emerge having shifted their point of view. Together we share a passion for trees, the planet, and creating a better future for tomorrow.

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Her work

Devlin is passionate about the most pressing concern the planet has today; the climate crisis, and is a pioneer and spokesperson for low-impact art. Recently, she brought 197 trees to Glasgow’s COP26 conference to create a forest-like setting to host talks from the likes of Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai and Ban Ki-moon. Devlin says ‘historically, the forest has always been a place of transformation - whether it’s a Midsummer’s Night’s Dream or As You Like It, the characters go in, have a moment of change, and leave in a different state to when they entered.’

She was the first woman chosen to design the British pavilion at the World Expo 2022. Devlin has been awarded the London Design Medal, Three Olivier Awards, a University of Kent doctorate and a UAL fellowship, and in short - is a woman who is streaking ahead in her field.

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Forest of Us

Trees have been a central part of Devlin’s work, from the 197 trees installed at the New York Times Climate Hub at COP26, to the 400-tree forest featured at the London Design Biennale.

Her immense mirrored maze Forest of Us (2021) explores the striking visual symmetries between the structures within us that allow us to breathe and the structures around us that make breathing possible. It forms part of the inaugural exhibition at SUPERBLUE in Miami.

100% of the proceeds from the PANGAIA x Es Devlin capsule collection will be donated to Instituto Terra and dedicated to environmental restoration and sustainable rural development in the Rio Doce Valley, Brazil.

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The capsule

Devlin has been a huge supporter of PANGAIA from the get go wearing our clothes ‘all day, every day’. However, our collaboration wasn't just born out of the mutual love and appreciation for the other’s work. It was inspired by creativity, a love of art and the determination to take action against climate change.

We have the same shared purpose, the same shared love of creative processes and the shared innate desire to do something about tomorrow’s problems. The color we have chosen for the capsule, the Es Devlin Orange, is more than just a color. Devlin says it signifies taking action for something you believe in, so in a way our bespoke, limited edition PANGAIA x Es Devlin release isn’t just a capsule, it’s a movement.

With Devlin’s incredible creative expression and PANGAIA positioned at the intersection of science, purpose and design - this capsule delivers a strong, unavoidable message about our planet: we must take action now.