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Meet the impacters

Get to know the people and organizations we work with through the Tomorrow Tree Fund.

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Meet Milkywire

Around the world amazing people are doing amazing things to protect wildlife, fight climate change and save our oceans and forests. Milkywire makes it easier for you to support them to do this. On the Milkywire app you can give directly to trusted grassroots organizations all over the world, connect with them and get updates on the important work they’re doing. It’s charity done smarter, bringing the causes that matter to you within easy reach thanks to the power of technology.

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What causes can you support through Milkywire?

When you donate to organizations on Milkywire you’re directly supporting work in line with the United Nations Global Goals—the world’s best plan of action to secure the future of our planet. You can choose to support impacters—award-winning organizations, conservationists and environmentalists—working to stop climate change, save the oceans, fight extinction and halt deforestation, and you can get updates straight from the field and the experts on the work you’re contributing to.

Did you know? We launched the Tomorrow Tree Fund in partnership with Milkywire, to support grassroots projects working hard to make an impact on our planet.

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We asked the Milkywire team a few questions, so you could get to know them and their work.

How are you challenging the status quo?
We want to close the gap between our community of supporters and the organizations doing the work. When you give to one of Milkywire’s impacters it’s the start of a journey where you can actually see the impact you make. And for the impacters, knowing that there’s a whole community behind them gives them a huge boost.

What made you want to drive change?
We saw that there’s so much hope in the world—these amazing grassroots organizations, working 24/7 and getting things done on a shoestring. It’s so easy to think that the situation is hopeless today, but we wanted to show people that there is a way to support causes you really care about. And see real change happen almost straight away.

What’s your implication with Bee The Change and Tomorrow Tree Fund?
Milkywire and PANGAIA is an amazing partnership. We share the same goals and love for the world we live in. In May last year, we teamed up to launch the Bee The Change Fund to support impacters protecting and preserving endangered bee species around the world. Because bees are important to pretty much everything in our natural ecosystem. We then launched the Tomorrow Tree Fund with a fantastic mission to plant one million trees. A huge boost in the fight to tackle climate change that also creates new habitats for wildlife in the process.

Bee The Change and Tomorrow Tree Fund are powered by Milkywire.

What is an impacter?
Impacters are award-winning experts and organizations who are actively working to save our planet. Aside from how passionate they are, what makes them special is the way they bring you into their work, so you feel like you’re in the field with them. Milkywire has 46 impacters at the moment, who are fully screened and vetted so you know your donations are in safe hands. They work with everything from forest restoration to climate change research and ocean preservation. When you get behind them, you’re amplifying their ability to do what they do best.

What does a day at Milkywire look like?
When you’re a part of something that makes a difference for the planet, every day feels special. From an operational side of things, we’re constantly making Milkywire easier to use for supporters and also for impacters. We’re also working with companies and brands to help them be better at playing their part too. The closeness we have to the impacters means there’s always something new to learn and pass on to the community. We’re here to empower people to be a part of our planet’s future, so we try to make every day count.

If you could tell the PANGAIA community one thing, what would it be?
Do a little. Change a lot. Every donation and action you make on Milkywire counts, even if you’re just giving an impacter a virtual high-five.

“As a community, we’re capable of amazing things when we come together—it literally takes a few hundred people to change the world. We can save our precious, beautiful bees and we can plant a million trees.” — Milkywire

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Thanks to you, we’re able to support NGOs all around the world fighting for our forests. 1 PANGAIA product purchased = 1 tree planted, protected or restored through the Tomorrow Tree Fund—powered by Milkywire.