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Instead of Valentine’s Day roses, give a tree.

This Valentine’s Day, we’ve decided to offer something a little different. Instead of roses that may only last around a week, why not give something that lasts a lifetime? Gift a tree.

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Valentine’s Day roses are a thorny subject

Over 250 million roses are produced annually for Valentine’s Day, emitting over 360,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions on transportation alone. That’s a lot of CO2 for something short-lived. So, why not get your loved ones something as everlasting as your love?

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Give something with long-lasting roots

Instead of roses, choose a tree and help us turn Valentine’s Day into a celebration of love not only for your loved ones, but for the planet too. By gifting a tree, you and your Valentine will positively impact the planet long after February 14th.

Here’s how:
1. Simply add the tree credits to your cart
2. Check out
3. Receive a link to share with your Valentine

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Why trees?

Trees are long-lasting and considered a keystone of our ecosystem. This means they have a huge impact on—and are essential to the survival of—the surrounding environment. Trees give back to the planet again and again by capturing CO2 from the atmosphere, storing carbon, releasing oxygen and helping to slow down global warming. What better way to say I love you?

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A few other planet-friendly gift ideas

• Make a Spotify playlist
• Write a poem, check out poet Jasmine Mans or Morgan Parker for inspiration
• Cook them their favorite meal or something new, check out vegan chef George Lee for inspiration
• A wellbeing subscription like Headspace
• A reusable water bottle like Ocean Bottle
• Something soft, cozy and planet-friendly to hang out in

And if you’re set on getting them flowers, join the Slow Flowers movement by choosing in-season flowers from small growers in your area or making sure they’re Florverde certified. Some other locally and ethically grown options include Molly Oliver Flowers (US) or That Flower Shop (UK).