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PANGAIA x JUST — Get To Know JUST Co-creator, Jaden Smith

JUST inspire people to do good and feel good through conscious choices that help our community and the planet. They believe even the smallest ripple can make a big splash.

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About JUST

JUST Goods, Inc. is a global consumer goods company dedicated to producing responsibly sourced products, contained in sustainable packaging. The company’s first product, JUST Water, is 100% spring water ethically sourced from Upstate New York, packaged in a bottle made of 82% renewable resources.

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A Certified B-Corp, the company’s mission to create environmental and social value along the supply chain extends to partnerships with environmental non-profits, key members of the science and innovation community, as well as university collaborations, hospitality partnerships, event alliances and community projects.

We asked Jaden Smith, co-founder of Just Goods Inc. a few questions to find out a bit more about the collaboration...

Why did JUST choose to collaborate with PANGAIA?

We’ve been working closely with PANGAIA for some time, the relationship developed through shared values and a similar mission around sustainability and ‘doing better’ in each of our respective spaces which closely intersect around responsible water-use and climate. In April of this year, JUST joined PANGAIA to produce 10,000 masks which were sent to NY city hospitals in a time of desperate need. This next step of creating a product collaboration between us is a natural progression to give more for our supporters and do it in the most responsible way.

Why did you choose to focus on the climate issue of water and what inspired you to start JUST

With 501CTHREE we are focusing on solutions to global warming in the areas of Energy, Food, Water and Shelter (the built environment) - but we had to begin somewhere - so we began with water.

Water is in use in so many ways in our lives from a small glass or bottle to massive hydroelectric power generation, not to mention the massive global hydrological systems that circle our planet and give it life. What inspired us to begin JUST water was to make a really easy way for individuals to become a part of the green economy with their daily choices. So, by creating a bottle that uses very little fossil fuels and takes into account the ethical acquisition of the actual water we are showing people and the industry a like that there are sustainable improvements that people will choose if given the choice. Then they can demand those improvements with other choices they make with their dollar.

What do you see as the biggest threat to our global water supplies?

There are several, however one that I see we can make improvements on in the near term is addressing the lack of water technological innovation. That is how can water technology get out of the labs and into the solutions based market faster. And those technologies don’t necessarily have to be water technologies. Innovation in storage from power generated by renewables (Wind, solar, geothermal, hydro and even Nuclear) have an impact at reducing fossil fuel burning which is warming our atmosphere. Stabilizing or even cooling our low atmosphere will reduce imbalances within our very fragile oceans.

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?


What can businesses do on a micro and macro scale to improve the current water crisis?

Businesses are seeing both demand from consumers and wider groups demanding they are more responsible with what they make and how they make it. Many of whom are reviewing and optimizing their “ carbon footprint” - this is both a moral imperative but thankfully many are realizing it's just good economic sense too. I think large and small scale businesses can both look at their “ water footprint” too. Becoming a water wise voice/contributor to the economic growth of a business is about ethics and economics.

What actions can people take to contribute to solving the global water issue?

I think taking the time to really get a deep understanding of how water works and how vastly different it is in various parts of the world is a great start. Then, I think familiarizing yourselves with the vast nonprofits and NGOS that are on the frontlines of the water crisis in a region that speaks to you is a good next step. Become passionate about water and join other like-minded people who are out there working hard. You will find a fantastic reason to get up each morning and feel good that you are playing your part.

As an aside - in your own home or building you can look for ways to help install water efficient technologies and solutions - many of which local governments can help subsidize - Los Angeles is very progressive at encouraging its residents to be more water wise by incentivizing them economically.