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We’ve teamed up with eco-beneficial beauty line COSTA BRAZIL to create a capsule collection in support of the Amazon Rainforest and its indigenous communities.

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What's happening in the Amazon Rainforest?

While climate change and human activity threaten the Amazon Rainforest, Covid-19 threatens the vulnerable indigenous communities that live within it and the Amazon fears the loss of its guardians and gatekeepers too.

That’s why PANGAIA x COSTA BRAZIL are joining forces to donate ​100%​ of collected proceeds to ​Amazon Forever, a campaign spearheaded by Conservation International and BrazilFoundation to bring vital aid to rural areas of the Amazon. Because ​protecting mother nature means protecting those who put mother nature first.

“Repetition takes one to a contemplative state; a spacious place where our being can experience authentic weightlessness. While reflecting on the collaboration, the repetition of the phrase “Amazonia Forever”, became a seed of optimism; the spirit of solidarity and perseverance to combat climate change.” - Nick Theobald

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Why does the Amazon need our help?

The Amazon Rainforest is the richest and most biologically diverse ecosystem in the world. It is home to 10% of the world’s species and over 30 million indigenous peoples. It absorbs much of the world’s CO2 emissions and produces oxygen along the way. To some, it is known as the ‘lungs of our planet’ but now, it's more vulnerable than ever before.

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Some key facts

• 132 indigenous tribes have been infected with Covid-19 according to COIAB*, most of which do not have access to medical supplies and PPE
• The rate of infection is rising rapidly and aid is not reaching the communities in need quickly enough
• The Amazon is the biggest deforestation front in the world
• Did you know? Between 90-140 billion metric tons of carbon is stored in the Amazon Rainforest

* Source: Coordenação das Organizações Indígenas da Amazonia Brasilieira

‘Art is a form of hope. It’s an expression, and outlet for truth. It’s the most unique way for someone to express themselves. Art in this time is essential.’ - Francisco Costa

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Why did we choose to collaborate?

PANGAIA and Costa Brazil have joined forces to highlight the importance of the world's most rich and biologically diverse ecosystem, the Amazon Rainforest. Our mutual philosophy revolves around the need to protect nature and the people who put mother nature first.

About Costa Brazil

Conscious sustainability is the foundation of Costa Brazil. Founded in 2018 by Creative Director Francisco Costa, Costa Brazil is devoted to changing the fundamental tenets of the beauty industry by creating clean, sustainable products that encourage people to become more proactive in the fight against climate change. The line is produced through a thoughtful, and selective process that promotes restoration and preservation.

About Amazon Forever

In response to the health and economic threat COVID-19 poses to indigenous, quilombola and riverside communities, BrazilFoundation and Conservation International joined forces to raise $1 million USD to provide humanitarian aid to communities in the Brazilian Amazon most impacted by the global pandemic.

All funds raised will benefit local social organizations working on the frontlines to combat the pandemic. As a result, thousands of vulnerable families will receive direct support as they rebuild. Recovery solutions will also contribute to the long-term sustainability of local communities and nature in order to help protect forests, enhance biodiversity and secure resilient livelihoods.

About Conservation International

Conservation International uses science, policy and partnerships to protect the nature that people rely on for food, fresh water and livelihood. Founded in 1987, Conservation International works in more than 30 countries on six continents to ensure a healthy, prosperous planet that supports us all. Learn more about Conservation International, the groundbreaking “Nature Is Speaking” campaign and its series of virtual reality projects: “My Africa,” “Under the Canopy” and “Valen’s Reef.”

About BrazilFoundation

The BrazilFoundation mobilizes resources for ideas and actions that transform Brazil. The Foundation works with leaders, social organizations and a global network of supporters to promote equality, social justice and opportunity for all Brazilians. In 20 years of operation, BrazilFoundation has raised more than $53 million USD and invested in more than 625 social organizations across the country in the areas of Education, Health, Culture, Socio-economic Development, Human Rights and the Environment.

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The Collection

The limited-edition collection includes Recycled Cotton Hoodies and Organic Cotton T-shirts in both Off-White and Stone, with artwork by American contemporary artist Nick Theobald, commissioned by Francisco Costa himself, printed on the back. Read our exclusive interview with Francisco Costa here.