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We needed a plant-powered layer to wear all year round. This is it.

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Discover FLWRDWN™ Lite—the perfect layering piece.

Made using wildflowers and a biopolymer, our animal-friendly material innovation is back in a lightweight version perfect for any day, anywhere.

Welcome to the future of warmth.

Lightweight and breathable. Versatile layering. Responsibly sourced. Responsibly made.

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Flowers. The future of warmth.

FLWRDWN™ is made with biobased down-fill materials sourced from dried wildflowers, creating a breathable, animal-friendly alternative to goose, duck and synthetic down.

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Plants. The power of good.

This plant-powered innovation blends dried wildflowers with a biopolymer, minimizing waste by using nature’s natural materials.

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Resource efficient

We use flowers that grow without the need for watering or pesticides and support the natural biodiversity nearby. Our biopolymer comes from maize (corn) sourced from North America and is fully compostable, while its manufacturing produces around 80% less greenhouse gases than traditional polymers.

Please note, Our FLWRDWN™ Lite Women's styles are fitted around the chest, so we recommend sizing up a size. Please check our size guide for reference.