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  • Composition

    97% Recycled Cashmere (Global Recycled Standard Certified)
    3% Recycled Wool

    Product packaging is part bio-based, acting to preserve both your new garment and environment. Once opened, please discard responsibly in a compost facility to allow full disappearance within 24 weeks.

    We use a blended composition of at least 50%+ recycled cashmere and wool, from both pre and post-consumer materials, mixed with virgin cashmere from Outer Mongolia to maintain a softer hand feel.

    Made in Italy.

    Care instructions

    Hand wash only
    Wash separately
    Wash inside out
    Do not tumble dry
    Do not bleach

    We recommend washing infrequently and only when needed to maintain the soft luxurious feel of the garment.

    Avoid hanging your Recycled Cashmere garments to dry after washing it will distort the fragile fibers and cause the garment to lose its shape.

    To reshape your Recycled Cashmere, and lay flat to dry. Hanging on a line or clothes horse will distort its shape.

    Because Recycled Cashmere is such a delicate natural fiber, it’s sometimes prone to bobbling or pilling after wear. Pilling will normally occur in areas exposed to friction, which causes the shorter Recycled Cashmere fibers to lift out of the surface and create small balls. Pilling can easily be removed by running a pilling comb over the area and will lessen over time after a few hand washes.

    If you would like to purchase a complete set in the same colorway, we recommend buying from the same fabric collection to avoid any color discrepancy in your set.

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