Join our ‘in conversion to regenerative’ cotton journey

We’re in the process of transforming how we source cotton at PANGAIA.

We’re transitioning to regenerative cotton farming methods with an aim to restore nature, rehabilitate soil health, and train farmers on the ground to create a healthier, more biodiverse environment. We’re ‘in conversion’ to regenerative cotton—and we want you to join us on our journey. By 2026, our goal is that all virgin cotton at PANGAIA will be sourced from regenerative systems.

The problem.

Cotton is the world’s largest non-food crop, accounting for 24% of global fiber production. Yet only 1.4% of all cotton produced is organic—meaning grown without harmful pesticides or GMOs. The overdemand for our favorite natural fiber is causing severe problems for our planet, from soil contamination to the destruction of wildlife and monocropping—which takes place when the same crop is repeatedly grown over and over on the same land, depleting the soil’s nutrients and making it less productive over time.

The solution.

Regenerative cotton is grown in a way that supports the next generation of farmers through long term economic stability. By working in tandem with local communities, we can encourage better farming practices that protect and rebuild soil health by increasing crop diversity, planting and protecting trees, recycling on-farm biomass and reducing tillage (the act of churning land minimally to reduce soil erosion and increase the soil’s organic carbon). Our cotton is currently in conversion to regenerative. This is a 5-year-project that involves investment, data collection and training to embed regenerative practices into farming systems alongside our agricultural partner Arvind.

Our In Conversion Cotton Capsule represents a new beginning for cotton production at PANGAIA. Made with soft, breathable and lightweight in-conversion cotton grown using regenerative practices—this capsule is a physical manifestation of our next step towards an Earth-positive production model that gives back more than it takes.