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Haroshi - Artist Spotlight

A skateboarder and self-taught woodworker, Haroshi is an artist based in Tokyo, Japan who creatively combines his two passions: fine art and subculture utilizing upcycled skateboards as a medium for his hand carved sculptures.

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Haroshi's work includes large sculptures like sneakers, fire hydrants, animals, cartoon characters, teddy bears, body parts and of course skateboards.

Throughout his painstakingly precise process, Haroshi selects and stacks the recycled skateboard decks, then hand carves, paints and polishes them.

Finally, he places a broken skateboard piece within the core of the sculpture, thereby giving it a “soul”, an inspiration from the 12th-century sculptor Unkei, who would place a crystal ball inside each of his Buddha sculptures.

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Skateboard decks are made of several layers of processed wood which in Haroshi’s sculptures creates the effect of striped surfaces, and again makes his sculptures so recognizable.

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Haroshi’s creativity, combined with his love for art and sustainability is perfectly aligned with PANGAIA’s mission to save the environment by inter alia: using upcycled materials.

This is why PANGAIA teamed up with the talented Japanese artist to create a limited capsule collection featuring four different and unique prints of artwork by Haroshi, printed on the PANGAIA Seaweed fiber t-shirt.

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PANGAIA x Haroshi

The PANGAIA seaweed t-shirt is made from saltwater seaweed fiber and organic cotton, treated with natural peppermint oil to keep it fresher for longer and reduce water waste by up 3000 liters over its lifetime (compared to a regular t-shirt).